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Casting-sidor i Sverige för skådespelare och hur du skapar en bra profil på dessa

In Sweden, there are several websites where you can register your profile and apply for castings posted on there by production companies, filmmakers and casting directors. These are great to register on as an actor, especially if you are at an early stage in your career as they are open to anyone to sign up for and they require no prior experience. If you want to submit your CV to casting directors, they usually prefer it if you have some previous experience, so registering for these sites can be great and you can get cast in many different kinds of projects that can build up your portfolio and experience.

Here is a list of Swedish pages you can register on and search for acting jobs and extra jobs:

Here are also some tips for how you can create an attractive profile that will make it easier for you to catch the attention of production companies and casting directors:

1. Fill in all your details

On these websites you can fill in information about yourself. It can be a lot of work, and you might be tempted to say "I'll fix that later," but we recommend filling in all the information right away so you don't get overlooked if, for example, they can't see if you match the age, have the right clothing size, or it looks like you have no experience just because you forgot to fill in previous roles. The better and more complete your profile is, the easier it will be to match you to suitable roles.

2. A well-written presentation/bio of you as an actor

Often, you can also write a short presentation text on these types of sites. Remember to keep it short, professional, but also convey who you are as a person through your introduction. On these types of sites, a more personal touch often gives more results rather than something that sounds robotic and written by someone other than yourself. Since those looking for roles often do not have time to sit and read each application and look at all the small details on your profile, it is important that you include all the most important things one should know about you in your presentation text.

3. Good headshots

In most cases, you are only allowed a limited number of images on these types of sites. Therefore, make sure that you have selected images that clearly show how you look and that all images are up to date. Although these types of sites do not have a requirement for professional headshots, you should still try to have clear, high-quality images. Avoid blurry selfies, filters, exaggerated facial expressions, and photos where you can't clearly see what you look like. Also avoid pictures that do not reflect how you look in everyday life, e.g. tanned vacation photos or where you are excessively dressed up with a lot of makeup. The ones looking at your profile want to be able to see how you look and what makes you unique just the way you are!

4. Read all casting notices carefully and only apply if you fit the role

Casting notices are regularly posted on these websites. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to make sure you read the ad carefully before applying. Don't just apply for everything you see because it gives the impression that you don't care and are bad at taking instructions and producers and directors definitely try to avoid that kind of person. In addition, you often waste the casting director's time since they will have to go through a lot of irrelevant applications and they can get a negative impression of you because of this. If you do not match e.g. ethnicity, geographic location, age, or something else that is a requirement for the role - don't apply! New casting notices pop up every day, and other castings that suit you perfectly will come if you just have a little patience!

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