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Tips for actors in the new year

"New year - new possibilities!" It's a phrase many of us probably have heard countless times. But whether it's a cliché or not, the end of the year actually presents us with a great opportunity to turn over a new page or take the next step in our lives as December turns to January. As actors, most of us are probably going through a fairly calm period during the holiday season, but this makes it the perfect time to focus on your acting and think about how you can elevate your career to new heights in the upcoming year.

In this post, we are going to share with you some fresh perspectives and inspiring ideas for how you can take your acting to the next level after the holidays. Give yourself a new start with these five tips:

1. Purposeful goals

Before diving into 2024, take some time to sit down and define clear and meaningful goals for your acting. When it comes to your acting technique, it might be anything from improving your body language on stage to mastering a new dialect. Or perhaps your goal is to spend more time in front of the camera, or take on a project in a new genre you haven't tried yet? By strategically planning how you are going to develop, you will create a solid foundation for progress. Also, remember to break down your goals into smaller steps to give yourself the absolute best prerequisites for success!

2. Courses and workshops

Give yourself the opportunity to grow as an actor this year by signing up for courses and workshops. Whether it's an intensive weekend course or coaching on a regular basis, interacting with other actors, acting coaches, and learning new acting tools will both inspire you and help you progress as an actor. And remember to sign up for one of our upcoming spring courses at Elin Hilläng Studios if you're interested in learning in a small group with an experienced acting teacher and take your acting to the next level! Read more here and book here.

3. Hone your technique and deep dive into your characters

Reflect on how you usually approach roles and consider what you are currently doing that could be refined even more or needs to be changed to make you an even better actor. Take the time to truly understand the characters you portray when taking on a new project. Dive into the character's background, motivations, and emotional life. This might even require you to try a new technique or approach. But by creating a stronger connection to your characters, your acting will become more authentic and make a stronger impression on the audience.

4. Challenges in the world of acting

A great goal to set for yourself in the new year is to give yourself a challenge that you have to accomplish during the year, preferably a significant goal that both challenges and motivates you. It could be something you've been thinking about for a long time but haven't yet dared to take on. Some examples might be creating your own film or theater project, doing more networking in the film industry, learning a new skill, or perhaps applying for an acting program at a drama school.

5. Creative sustainability

The beginning of the year is an excellent time for both planning and setting goals, but it's also a great time for reflection. If, as an actor, you dream of a long-lasting career in the film industry, consider what you can do now to lay the foundation for a sustainable acting journey. How can you plan for the upcoming year so that you will be able to endure any possible hardships that might come up? How should you prepare to be able to best handle rejection? How can you balance acting with other committments in a sustainable way? Take some time to reflect and plan for a sustainable future, and you will sow the seeds for a more successful and rewarding year of acting.

Let the new year be a starting point for either a new or a continued acting journey! We hope these tips can help you prepare for 2024 and provide some advice on how you can tackle any upcoming challenges while also celebrating your successes.

If you're ready to take the next step in your acting, you are also very welcome to sign up for one of our courses that will be held during the spring semester. Read more here and book here.

Happy New Year and good luck with your acting in the new year!

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