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Top 10 International Film Festivals

Going to film festivals is both fun and rewarding.As an actor, you get the chance to both expand your network and recharge with new inspiration.

We have previously told you why it is important to build your network as an actor and listed all Swedish film festivals here. For those of you who want to go abroad and expand your international network, we have put together a list of our biggest international film festivals in this blog post!

When searching for top lists of international film festivals, the order between them can vary slightly on different lists, but the most common order comes here.

Cannes International Film Festival
The Cannes International Film Festival is usually seen by many as the most prestigious film festival.

We'll start with the biggest, most well-known and most prestigious film festivals, the so-called "The big three":

Other major film festivals include:

Hope you'll have a wonderful year of film festivals!

Did we forget any big, well-known and prestigious international film festivals? Send an email to: and we’ll update our list!

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