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Film Festivals in Sweden

Uppdaterat: 27 okt. 2023

For you as an actor, film festivals are golden opportunities to network with different filmmakers. One's network is very important to be able to get ahead as an actor - often the roles go to contacts: People you trust. As a filmmaker, you have a lot of balls in the air - there is an incredible amount of things on a film set that need to work and an incredible amount of things that can go wrong. Add to that the fact that filmmakers are just as passionate about their movies turning out well as you (hopefully) are about doing a good performance, and that they often work just as hard for their filmmaking dreams as you do for your acting dreams. They therefore want to be able to trust that the actor they hire: arrives on time, does not cancel at the last minute, is well prepared, can deliver a good acting performance, can take direction well and is pleasant to work with.

In addition to film screenings, some film festivals also have various events with the purpose to e.g. network or pitch a short film. These events are golden opportunities for you as an actor to mingle around. In addition, it can be wonderful to refuel yourself artistically by getting new inspiration and creativity by watching the films.

Speaking of film festivals, this year I had the great honor of being on the jury for the Focus Film Festival and the Noomaraton competition here in Uppsala, such a fun experience and a great honor.

A picture of a roll of film together with an article about film festivals in Sweden.

To make things easier for all of you actors who want to see inspiring films and to take the chance to network at film festivals, we have compiled a list of film festivals in Sweden:

Film Festivals in Stockholm

CinemAfrica (Stockholm)

Cinemaqueer (Stockholm)

STOCKmotion (Stockholm)

Monsters of Film (Stockholm)

Film Festivals in Uppsala

Film Festivals in Gothenburg

Frame Filmfestival (Gothenburg)

Film Festivals in Malmö and the Rest of Skåne

Film Festivals in Norrland

Filmfest Sundsvall (Sundsvall)

Exit Filmfestival (Gävleborg)

Film Festivals in the Rest of Sweden

Novemberfestivalen (Trollhättan)

Filmörnen (Värmland)

Filmfestival på Dal (Västra Götaland)

We hope you'll have a wonderful year of film festivals!

Did we miss any film festivals in Sweden? Please feel free to send an email to: and we'll update this list!

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