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How to Get Back into Your Acting Groove this Fall

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We’re already in September and the fall is getting closer and closer. Now, after the summer break it is time to get back into your acting routines. If you’re ready to reinvigorate your acting pursuits and take on new challenges, we have some inspiring tips that will help you return to the stage or in front of the camera with full force!

Three acting students prepare to act on a course in Selftapes and Audition technique at Elin Hilläng Studios. They are sitting on a chair each, in a circle.
Some acting students prepare to act on a course in Selftapes and audition technique with Elin Hilläng Studios.

1. Reflect on and Set Goals with Your Acting

Before everything starts up again and everyday life starts to go on autopilot - take some time to reflect on your acting journey so far. What have you already achieved? What do you want to achieve in the future? Set clear goals for the fall - it can be anything from getting better at a certain acting technique to booking a new role. Once you've fleshed out what your goal or goals for the fall are, break it down into smaller steps and work from there. A goal that is too big might feel overwhelming, but if you break it down into smaller parts on your to-do lists and small things that you can do in everyday life, everything will feel much more manageable.

2. Explore New Roles and Genres as an Actor

Be brave and take on roles and genres you may not have tried before.Constantly challenging yourself helps you grow as an actor and discover new sides of yourself.As well as being a fun challenge that broadens your experience, it will also give you more variety in your showreel and you will be able to show casting directors that you have what it takes to play many different types of roles.

3. Continue Developing Your Acting Technical Skills

During the summer, it is easy to get out of your daily routines and spend more time on spontaneous activities. So to kick-start your acting journey again after the summer, it's perfect to brush up on your technical skills and get your instrument going again. Set up a training schedule with acting exercises in it, for example, voice technique or other exercises for your acting instrument. By having a strong foundation of acting technique, you will be more confident and skilled when you’re acting on stage or in front of the camera.

4. Create a Schedule for Your Acting Routines

After the summer, getting back into a disciplined routine can be challenging, but it's essential to be able to make progress as an actor. For those of you who really want to invest in acting, you need to see it as a job and not just as a creative art form. In addition, if you are balancing acting with other pursuits such as school, work or family, it is even more important that you create a routine so that acting does not fall by the wayside when you have a lot of other things going on in your everyday life. Create a weekly schedule that includes time for training, rehearsals, applying for roles, or whatever it may be that you want to include in your everyday life.

5. Seek Out New Inspiration as an Actor

Just because we're heading into fall and darker times doesn't mean you can't keep looking for inspiration and keep evolving.Try to find time for creative and inspiring activities, such as reading books, going to shows, watching movies, and exploring other art forms.Inspiration can come from unexpected places and help you think outside the box.

6. Attend Courses and Workshops to Keep up and Improve your Acting

Continuing to learn and develop is the key to success.Enrolling in workshops and courses will give you new insights and new tools to take your acting to the next level, plus the opportunity to meet and network with other actors.If you are interested in signing up for one of Elin Hilläng Studio's courses during the fall semester, click here! The classes are taught in Swedish.

7. Update Your Acting Portfolio

For a true fresh start, it is important to update your portfolio. Make sure your resume and showreel are up-to-date and have accurate information about all your previous roles and experience. Maybe you took a course over the summer or participated in some projects this spring that you haven't had time to add to your resume yet, or you might have changed your appearance in some way. Taking new headshots can also be a good idea if it's been a while since you last updated them to show casting directors and directors that you're ready to take on new roles.

8. Update Your Online Presence as an Actor

For many of us, social media and other online platforms are important components of the actor's professional life. It is where you can showcase your work, network with others, be found by the right people, and use as part of your portfolio. Make sure that the platforms you use are updated and active, such as your social media, your website, any profile with an agency if you have representation, and profiles on casting websites. In Sweden we for example have, Filmcafé, Stagepool, etc. In your country there are probably other websites. Make sure people can see your latest projects and communicate that you are ready for new challenges!

9. Learn a New Skill

It's easy to think that acting skills are the only thing that matter when applying for roles and getting ahead in the acting industry. But many actors get roles not because they are necessarily the best actor, but because they possess the right skills for the role. Many casting opportunities can open up if, for example, you know a specific sport, play an instrument, or have other unique skills, and it is not unusual for casting directors to search for such keywords when looking for actors in databases or agencies. Review your toolbox of skills and consider whether it might be worth investing time to start learning a new skill this fall.

10. Celebrate the Progress within Your Acting

Don't forget to celebrate your progress, no matter how small it may seem.Whether you're at the very beginning of your career or have been acting for decades, it's important to stop sometimes and pat yourself on the back.Remember to reward your own achievements and efforts and motivate yourself to keep fighting and to find joy in this amazing art form!


Fall really is the perfect time to bring new energy and enthusiasm you’re your acting. By setting goals, challenging yourself and continuing to develop, you will be able to advance and become a better and better actor. And if you are looking for an acting education, why not explore our courses at Elin Hilläng Studios? Click here for more information or here for bookings. The classes are taught in Swedish.

Let this fall be a time for a fresh start and a renewal in your acting career. We look forward to having you with us on your journey!

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