"Thank you for all your hard work. If it wasn't for your fantastic performance, I believe the film wouldn't have been as great as it was. Thank you."

-George Carrillo, director of "Damned are the Lost"

"Great meeting you honey - you're a wonderfully, natural actor - I thought you really were a Russian call girl - and wondered how the director found you! IF I were a casting director - I'd snap you up!"

-Jeanette Lee, Trustee at Park Slope Civic Council


"Thank you so much for coming. Ur acting was so great. Can I share your email with some of my pals?"

-David Yang, director of "Written in Stone"


"Hey. Thanks for coming! I'll definitly let u know if I hear anything else that needs an actor. David said you were awesome."

- John Khinda, actor in "Written in Stone"

Recent Roles

Elin Hilläng recently played Nanaya in "Damned are the Lost" (Short), which was shown at Art Slope '19 Film Festival April 6th 2019 and Manhattan Rep's STORIES Film Festival May 15 - May 19 2019. She also played Jane in "Happy Anniversary" (Short), Anna in "The Assistant" (Short) and Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz" (off Broadway play). See full resume


After living in New York for three years, studying and then working as an actress, Elin recently moved back to her home country Sweden, where she's submitting for new projects. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in working with her.


Photo: Steven Crawford.

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