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"If it wasn't for your fantastic performance, I believe the film wouldn't have been as great as it was. Thank you."

-George Carrillo, director of "Damned are the Lost"

"You're a wonderfully, natural actor"

-Jeanette Lee, Trustee at Park Slope Civic Council


"Elin Hilläng is magnetic. Would love to see more of her."

-Transparent Film Festival (NYC)

"She has a great personality, very talented and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend working with Elin!"

-NPPhotography, photographer




Photo (2022): Rebecca F Fotografi.

Recent Roles

Elin Hilläng recently played Linnéa (lead) in Vi är skyddsänglar (We're Guardian Angels) (short) and Adèle (lead) in Solförmörkelsen (The Solar Eclipse) (short), both directed by Manne Hedén, a Swedish director.


2019 she played Nanaya in "Damned are the Lost" (Short), directed by George Carrillo. Her performance playing this part has given her praise around the many film festivals in New York where it has been shown: Art Slope '19 Film Festival April 6th 2019, Manhattan Rep's STORIES Film Festival May 15 - May 19 2019, Brightside Tavern Film Festival August 4th 2019, New York Istanbul Short Film Festival September 2021, Point Lookout Film Festival March 2022 and it is to be shown again at Chain NYC Film Festival August 12th 2022.


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News and Upcoming Projects

Elin Hilläng was recently granted financing from Region Uppsala in Sweden to produce one of her own short films from a script she started writing three years ago. A project in which she will also be acting.


She's also acting in an upcoming play in collaboration with Uppsala Kvinnojour (The women's shelter in Uppsala), which is written and directed by her friend and coactress Elin Hjert. She's particularly excited about this project because she feels that it contributes to education and improving human rights.


She and Elin Hjert founded a theatre company (non-profit organisation) named Teater Elin (Theatre Elin), which is a feminist and anti-racist organisation with the aim to use art to improve the society we live in, with particular focus on, but not limited to, equality, inclusiveness, empathy, original work and international collaborations. 

Elin Hilläng is passionate about acting techniques and teaches acting classes through her company Elin Hilläng Studios, where she focuses extra on classes closest to her heart and passion: Acting for the Camera, Meisner Technique and Individual Coaching (see more).


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